S1E2: Difference Between a 5 & 6 Figure Earner

Uncovering the key habits 6-Figure business earners have that 5-figure owners don’t. Accelerate the speed of your success in an instant!

Key Points: The Main Difference Between a 5-Figure and a 6-Figure Earner

1. 6-figure earners make decisions and take action quickly.

One main difference between a 5 vs 6-figure earner is 6-figure earners make decisive decisions quickly and take actions rapidly. They don’t worry about what-ifs. They simply go for it, and if it doesn’t work they transition/pivot and try something new.

We want to have the least amount of resistance when we spend our limited energy. With 5-figure owners, there is a lot more resistance, a lot more fear and like to think of things a lot longer, do more research, when it is actually about safety and guarantee that 5-figure business owner seeks. Indecision causes you to waste time and to be stuck and going back and forth.

There is a direct correlation of 6-figure owners between with the speed when it comes to making decisions and acting on them.

Making a decision fast results in more movement. I spend more energy creating the vision than being stuck.

2. 6-figure earners outsource, delegate, and automate.

Outsource and delegate and automate other things or tasks that may be related to your business but you need not do.

Also, let go of those that do not serve me or feel me. All the miscellaneous and minor things that are needed in the business I outsource so I can focus on creative things that I need for my business.

6 figure earners understand their zone of genius.  Delegating outsourcing and automation is the key.  5 figure earners are afraid to hire and outsource because they think they cannot afford it. 5-figure earners try to do everything on their own, at the end of the day, they have no energy to think of more ideas for their business.

I hired an assistant to come in and set up the studio for the client so I can just come in and start tattooing, then clean up the space after. She organizes everything, cleans my cabinets and supplies, opens packages – everything,  She also sets up the studio for training – the miscellaneous and minor things, but are needed, I hire out so I can focus on creative things and developing the business.

Even my SEO girl, I have worked with this SEO expert for 2 years now and I have never met her.  She literally is located in the Philippines and we have great communication between the two of us, and I pay her a weekly stipend (I hope I said that right) every week that I never even look at. The money comes so easily for me to be able to pay her because she helps my business grow 10 fold that more than pays for her salary.

I also automate messages and appointment reminders, so that it does not tie me down. I do not waste my energy texting.

In order to bring in more, you have to let go of certain things and more will come. You cannot have more growth unless you let go of those that drain your energy.

Ask yourself what are the things that absolutely drain you. And if you can delegate, automate or outsource it, what more will you be able to gain back? How much more growth would that afford you?

Once you can let go of things that drain you, you will be able to spend time on things that give you joy and creativity, on things that matter.

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