Everything you need to know about hair loss, scalp micropigmentation and recovery time

scalp micropigmentation

What is SMP?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) was developed as both a cosmetic procedure for men and women suffering with all types of hair loss, and as a medical procedure to help conceal scars, burns, birthmarks, as well as the full spectrum of alopecia. 

During the SMP procedure, a blend of unique pigments specifically formulated for the client are deposited into the dermal layer of the skin on the scalp. These deposits create an extremely realistic illusion that replicates hair follicles. SMP is a viable alternative to traditional hair transplant surgery, hair systems, pills, and fibers.. 

Around the world, thousands of clients live their lives free from hair loss without lengthly maintenance routines, unwelcome side effects or signifiant ongoing financial outlay.

scalp micropigmentation FAQ

Does scalp micropigmentation look real?

A typical scalp hair from a Caucasian woman is about 77 micrometers in diameters (67 Um in those of Asian descent, and 120 Um in those African descent). Typically, SMP dots placed in the dermis layer are 90-140 micrometers in diameter.

While this might seem a bit larger than a real human hair, this slight difference is virtually indistinguishable from real hair follicles. Often, when viewed 1 foot away, close friends and family will not be able to tell where real hair ends and the SMP begins.

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What causes hair loss?

As hair on the scalp goes through it’s normal cycle of growing and shedding, DHT makes the follicles miniaturize. That means they get thinner and shorter because the growing cycle doesn’t last as long. 

The growing cycle becomes so brief that new hairs can’t grow through the skin. For women, hair loss can be caused by an imbalance of thyroid hormones, pregnancy, disease and certain medications.

how long does scalp micropigmentation last

How long will SMP last for?

With proper care and treatment, including using high sunscreen when outside, SMP will commonly last for many years. For a healthy client with a normal immune system, we expect that the color will last with original vibrance for about 4-6 years, with gradual fading of the pigment to last up to 8 years.

Fortunately, if a touch up is needed, a fee is charged which is generally cheaper per session than the original treatment fee. It’s important to note that each individual is different so an estimated range of longevity will be provided at our consultation meeting.

how long does scalp micropigmentation last

Will SMP fade, smear, or turn blue as the years pass?

Any pigment applied to the dermal layer of the skin will eventually fade, but we expect SMP to last several years or more, before even minimal fading is noticed. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun often breaks apart some tattoo inks for easier absorption by the body, resulting in increased fade rates and slight smearing. 

As the inks are degraded, their chromophores are often altered resulting in changed color. If this occurs, we can easily offer touch up sessions, or revise the ink color by adding additives to mute, neutralize, or warm up the tone again.

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Is SMP reversible? Is receiving SMP treatment painful?

Yes, SMP pigmentation can be removed with an electro-optic Q switched laser, which is used to heat and break-up the SMP pigmentation for easier absorption by phagocytes in the dermis. SMP is fairly easy to remove in most cases because the pigment is not deposited as deeply as normal tattoo ink. 

The electro-optic laser, however is expensive and therefore, many clinics which advertise laser removal do not actually own one.

As for pain, it depends on the individual. In some cases, clients have fallen asleep while I have completed treatment. In other cases, clients experience pain across the temples or above the ears during treatment. Most clients rate their pain on a scale of 1-10, as 3-5 during treatment.

SMP hairline tattoo

How long will it take for my final SMP appearance to form?

A normal client depending on hair loss extent, will take two to four treatments to achieve their final appearance. Most treatments are 2-3 hours long with small breaks as needed. The first treatment often places a very light application on the scalp to assess fading and density levels. 

The normal reaction from many clients is to assume that the SMP is too light. However, this is a normal part of the treatment and allows me to better treat the scalp in later sessions. The second treatment is 10-14 days later, and adds the majority of the density to your new look. 

Treatments three or later are usually for completing the look, addressing darkness matching or to even the density across the scalp.

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What will my scalp look like immediately after treatment?

The area of the scalp that has been treated will have some redness for 24 hours after treatment, though this tends to be less visible on darker skin tones. In addition, the pigmentation will be darker for up to 7 days after treatment, again, depending on your skin tone. 

Thereafter, the pigmentation will appear to become lighter and softer as the pigment filled scabs begin to flake away. These scabs flake away in the first 3 to 10 days. As this happens, it appears to the observer that the SMP dots are shrinking. 

When the healing process is complete, the final dots are often 90 to 170 Um in diameter and blend seamlessly into any natural hair. By about one month, after any treatment, the pigments will begin to “set” and thereafter, fading will be almost zero.

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How do I choose a hairline? If I have hair left, can I leave it long?

If you are unsure of what style or type of hairline will work or you, I will be there to help. With an artistic eye and experience on how to fit a hairline to head shape and age, I can help recommend what’s best. Over the course of our sessions, we can tweak and adjust the hairline for the perfect, natural result.

Depending upon the pattern and extent of your current hair, some clients are able to maintain a longer length. Scalp micropigmentation can help thicken areas so that less of the scalp is seen showing through. However, if there is a strong pattern of hair loss or just not a lot of hair density left, the client is recommended to crop it shorter.

hair transplant scar Scalp Micropigmentation FAQ

Can Studio Conceal camouflage my transplant scar?

Yes, absolutely! By replicating tiny hair follicles inside the scarring and blending the color around the scarring area, transplant and surgical scars can see massive improvement in concealment.

Google reviews

Sherrie Banaay
Sherrie Banaay
I just competed Jayd's stretch mark and scar camouflage training. It was an amazing experience. Jayd's a brilliant artist and trainer. She has the sweetest soul. She's very passionate and does everything with a pure heart. She's very transparent and detail oriented. You will definitely leave with a world of knowledge and the confidence to start your own business. Highly recommend her course. You will not be disappointed.
Marty Sipes
Marty Sipes
Jayd!!!!! Was my instructor for camouflage tattooing ….I had no experience with tattooing prior to this class and I am leaving here feeling very confident in going on in the future as a tattoo artist…. The class is extremely informative, absolutely no way you could leave here with out all the info you need…. If your thinking about becoming a tattoo artist…. Jump in you won’t be disappointed.
Jayd is an amazing person and teacher, she is very knowledgeable and explained to us every step of the way, I love how positive she is and the good vibe she always transmit. I felt so welcomed and happy being with her and her staff member (which are amazing too). Can’t wait to come back! I love you guys 🙂
Porsha Howard
Porsha Howard
Taking the scar camouflage training with Jayd and her team was an amazing experience filled with so much knowledge. She is so sweet and willing to answer all your questions. I highly recommend Jayd if your looking to train in the field
Chris Huntsman
Chris Huntsman
I would assume that most the clientele here are females but I wanted to leave a review as a male client. I had developed some dime-size “sun spots” on my back over the years from not using enough sunscreen. Nothing major but the bothered me a little bit. I called a few tattoo places and none of them really specialized in camouflage tattooing until one gal I spoke to said “If anyone can do it, it will be Jayd” and they were right! Sun spots are essentially circle scars and Jayd was very knowledgeable. She said scars are really hard to do because they don’t take ink well and on top of that I’m a redhead so I bleed easier than most. So we decided to give it a whirl anyways and it took 1-2 more sessions than we originally thought and my skin didn’t end up taking all they ink that we wanted but I’m super happy with the results. I highly recommend Jayd and Studio Conceal to anyone looking for camouflage/cosmetic tattooing.
McKenzie Hambsch
McKenzie Hambsch
Jayd was amazing!! I have been very happy with the results so far and are still healing. I got scar camouflage on my face with a scar I have been worried about for a few years She and her assistant make you feel so comfortable through the whole process. Jayd is very knowledgeable about scar camouflage and I loved my experience with her and her company. Highly recommend!!
Nicole Nico
Nicole Nico
Jayde is a Phenomonal Artist, her eye for this is crazy good! I’m so impressed with her professionalism and her ability to see what the outcome will be beforehand. She’s a total sweetheart as well. If you are on the edge of booking, don’t wait , book her now! She’s amazing!!
Allison Cane
Allison Cane
Every single aspect of going to Jayd at Studio Conceal far exceeded my expectations. She magnificently camouflaged rather extensive white scars I had in front of and behind my ears - the result of a lower face lift I had several years ago. I’ve had 2 sessions and the results are darn near magical. In addition, the office is pristine and elegant. And Jayd is warm and friendly and professional. I live in Beverly Hills and she is 100 times better than anyone here who provides the same service. She has an artist’s eye. I couldn’t be happier. Very highly recommend!
Haylee D.
Haylee D.
I just completed my camouflage tattoo training with Jayd. Her professionalism and passion for the industry are immediately evident! As students, she made sure we were comfortable and felt at home. Her assistant Jamison was sweet, attentive and such a wonderful help to us all. 🙂 I loved the small class-size! Jayd was able to spend time with each of us, offering as much guidance as we needed and answering any questions we had. My experience was 100% positive and I will gladly train with her in the future when there is another opportunity! Thank you, Studio Conceal!

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Female SMP - love the results!

Rated 5 out of 5
July 3, 2022

I just completed 3 sessions of female scalp micropigmentation (SMP) with Jayd and she’s absolutely incredible! She is so warm, personable, and professional. I started looking into SMP after experiencing hair loss as a result of PCOS and thyroid issues. Jayd was so knowledgeable on how these conditions affected pigment retention during SMP and really took the time to explain the process to me. Jayd really focuses on evidence and results which made me feel a lot more confident about the procedure. She also made me feel so comfortable and checked in with me during the sessions to make sure I was comfortable. She reached out after each session about how I was healing and how I felt. I could already see a noticeable change after my first session, and now after 3 sessions, I could not be happier with the results! I had an amazing experience with studio conceal and I could not recommend Jayd more!

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