S1E1: How to Deal with Competition

Competition is everywhere and it is possible to embrace it. Here’s how to deal with competition in business.

Key Points on How to Deal with Competition

1. Plenty of people to serve in the industry. If there were no other competition in your area, you would be burned out and exhausted.  Think of tens of thousands of people in your location. Handling all of them is practically impossible and an overload will cause anxiety and burnout.

You would not be able to enjoy it and not be able to connect with your clients on a person-to-person level and you will start to lose passion.

There are thousands to serve in your own city, even your own zip code.

2. Competition breeds innovation. It inspires you to think outside of the box on how to market your services to be a better artist and to innovate and hone your unique talent. It keeps you on your toes to continue education to be a better artist and learn new techniques to help you better your skills.

3. Competition is fun. If you were the only one or among a few artists, it stunts your growth. There will be no one sharing nor collaborating of ideas and the learning curve is stunted. You will also feel depleted and exhausted.

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