#1 Camouflage Tattoo Course

#1 Camouflage Tattoo Course

Train With Me & Serve Others in a big Way

Camouflaging stretch marks and scars can dramatically improve the lives of others, while also positively impacting your own. It’s fulfilling, challenging and extremely rewarding. My training program is an extensive, intimate experience that covers a wide variety of topics and hands-on-training to give you the most solid foundation to jumpstart your new career or expand the one you already have.

Being an advocate for continuing education, I have learned and been trained on the stretch mark and scar camouflage technique by several artists. In addition, my mentor has been performing scar camouflages since the 1950s. I still continually experiment and explore new inks and techniques, which I share with all my students (past and present) even after we’ve met. You will be added to a few private training groups online so that we can continue to support each other. After your training, I’m certain you will have the confidence to continue to evolve and refine your craft, which better serves the clients you touch.

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Financing is Available ― Learn Now & Pay Later

  • 2 Day Training Option for Experienced PMU Artists $3900
    (Please call for details, no live model)

  • 3 Day Training Option for New Artists $4800
  • Includes Starter Kit – wireless tattoo pen, shading needles, special camouflage tattoo inks, dilution, ink caps, ink mixer and stirrers, grip tape and ink wands
  • Includes Detailed Training Manual covering topics: FAQs, color theory, overtones and undertones, how to custom blend inks and match skin tones, healing factors, risks involved, pre-care and post-care instructions, sample consent forms, how to qualify clients during consultations, ink education, safety health standards, studio preparation, supply list, tattoo shading techniques, price rate sheet, and marketing and sales

  • Includes Jayd’s Custom Color Swatches and secret to matching clients’ skin tones

  • Includes 6-Months FREE Access to PMU Crash Course, my online marketing coaching program that teaches you how to build a presence online, win clients and grow your business asap!
  • Hands-On-Training include a variety of shading techniques and working on a live model where I shadow you

  • Learn Expert Tips & Tricks that took me years to figure out based on healed results that will accelerate the quality of your work amongst other artists
  • Observation Notes written by me as encouragement and reminders of what to keep practice after completing your education, and that are personalized for your growth

  • Certification of Completion of the Brazilian Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflage Technique by Studio Conceal

  • Continued Support even after you’re done training. I’ll add you to two private Facebook groups with other Camouflage Tattoo Artists from around the world for continued support and education

  • View Sample Itinerary

  • Lunch is Provided First 2 Days

  • Small Group, Intimate Training Setting



Currently, we are sold out on all upcoming trainings for 2022 unless you are an experienced Artist. If you are interested in joining our waitlist, please apply below. We will be launching an entirely new program and mentorship January 2023 – details to follow!

Requirements to Participate:

Completed Bloodborne Pathogen
A deposit of $1000 is required to secure and hold your upcoming training dates and applies towards your final balance. 
Balance to be paid in full on the first day of training.

Everyone comes from different backgrounds (whether you’re new to the beauty industry or an experienced tattoo artist) so the one-on-one attention allows me the flexibility to tailor each training to best serve the individual. I ask that you be flexible, open to learning and evolving as this new procedure continues to grow in the continuing years.

Apply to Train with Jayd:

Google reviews

Sherrie Banaay
Sherrie Banaay
I just competed Jayd's stretch mark and scar camouflage training. It was an amazing experience. Jayd's a brilliant artist and trainer. She has the sweetest soul. She's very passionate and does everything with a pure heart. She's very transparent and detail oriented. You will definitely leave with a world of knowledge and the confidence to start your own business. Highly recommend her course. You will not be disappointed.
Marty Sipes
Marty Sipes
Jayd!!!!! Was my instructor for camouflage tattooing ….I had no experience with tattooing prior to this class and I am leaving here feeling very confident in going on in the future as a tattoo artist…. The class is extremely informative, absolutely no way you could leave here with out all the info you need…. If your thinking about becoming a tattoo artist…. Jump in you won’t be disappointed.
Jayd is an amazing person and teacher, she is very knowledgeable and explained to us every step of the way, I love how positive she is and the good vibe she always transmit. I felt so welcomed and happy being with her and her staff member (which are amazing too). Can’t wait to come back! I love you guys 🙂
Porsha Howard
Porsha Howard
Taking the scar camouflage training with Jayd and her team was an amazing experience filled with so much knowledge. She is so sweet and willing to answer all your questions. I highly recommend Jayd if your looking to train in the field
Chris Huntsman
Chris Huntsman
I would assume that most the clientele here are females but I wanted to leave a review as a male client. I had developed some dime-size “sun spots” on my back over the years from not using enough sunscreen. Nothing major but the bothered me a little bit. I called a few tattoo places and none of them really specialized in camouflage tattooing until one gal I spoke to said “If anyone can do it, it will be Jayd” and they were right! Sun spots are essentially circle scars and Jayd was very knowledgeable. She said scars are really hard to do because they don’t take ink well and on top of that I’m a redhead so I bleed easier than most. So we decided to give it a whirl anyways and it took 1-2 more sessions than we originally thought and my skin didn’t end up taking all they ink that we wanted but I’m super happy with the results. I highly recommend Jayd and Studio Conceal to anyone looking for camouflage/cosmetic tattooing.
McKenzie Hambsch
McKenzie Hambsch
Jayd was amazing!! I have been very happy with the results so far and are still healing. I got scar camouflage on my face with a scar I have been worried about for a few years She and her assistant make you feel so comfortable through the whole process. Jayd is very knowledgeable about scar camouflage and I loved my experience with her and her company. Highly recommend!!
Nicole Nico
Nicole Nico
Jayde is a Phenomonal Artist, her eye for this is crazy good! I’m so impressed with her professionalism and her ability to see what the outcome will be beforehand. She’s a total sweetheart as well. If you are on the edge of booking, don’t wait , book her now! She’s amazing!!
Allison Cane
Allison Cane
Every single aspect of going to Jayd at Studio Conceal far exceeded my expectations. She magnificently camouflaged rather extensive white scars I had in front of and behind my ears - the result of a lower face lift I had several years ago. I’ve had 2 sessions and the results are darn near magical. In addition, the office is pristine and elegant. And Jayd is warm and friendly and professional. I live in Beverly Hills and she is 100 times better than anyone here who provides the same service. She has an artist’s eye. I couldn’t be happier. Very highly recommend!
Haylee D.
Haylee D.
I just completed my camouflage tattoo training with Jayd. Her professionalism and passion for the industry are immediately evident! As students, she made sure we were comfortable and felt at home. Her assistant Jamison was sweet, attentive and such a wonderful help to us all. 🙂 I loved the small class-size! Jayd was able to spend time with each of us, offering as much guidance as we needed and answering any questions we had. My experience was 100% positive and I will gladly train with her in the future when there is another opportunity! Thank you, Studio Conceal!

Scar/Stretch Mark Tattoo and SMP training Reviews

Love my training? Please use this Camouflage Tattoo and SMP Training Review Form.

loved jayd and studio conceal!!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 26, 2021

Jayd was an amazing instructor! She was very informative, detailed, kind, and genuine! Gave a ton of tips and tricks and made sure I fully understood each concept before moving on. Always made sure all my questions were answered and made me feel very comfortable!

Leandra Givens


Rated 5 out of 5
August 11, 2021

Stretch mark camouflage

Mona Young

Trained with the BEST!!!

Rated 5 out of 5
July 20, 2021

I just completed the Brazilian camouflage course with instructor Jade Hernandez, and it was the absolute, best experience!
I am a licensed esthetician of over 15 years and am always looking to grow and expand… I learned about scar camouflage and did some research on education and certification. And hands down, Jade really stood out!
I was not dissapointed. Sooooo professional, clean, thorough, in- depth, intensive, but most of all fun!
Jade’s passion for her work really shines through!
Shes’s always looking to improve and refine her work, and love her mad scientist approach to producing the best quality of scar camouflage possible!
She does not hesitate to share her trade secrets and is so attentive to every detail of your education here.
It is evident her goal is to make sure you are completely prepared and confident to start your camouflage services before you leave with your certificate!
Her assistant Barclay is so amazing as well and they work so seamlessly together!
1000% happy with my experience here at Studio Conceal and feel so ready to implement this amazing service in my own studio!!!
Sweet Spot Hilo

Candida Magallanes

Training with Jayd

Rated 5 out of 5
July 19, 2021

I did a LOT researching for many months I finally chose Jayd as my camouflage teacher. Jayd was extremely sweet, professional, and very knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and really made me feel ready to go out and help people feel amazing again. Because Jayd I feel confident and ready to start camouflaging.If your planning to take a class on scars and stretch mark camouflaged Jayd is your girl.I was very impressed and really enjoyed the class.. so much information.

Yved Lopez

Camouflage training

Rated 5 out of 5
July 17, 2021

Jayd not only is an amazing artist, she’s a great teacher. This is not an easy thing to find. I have learned so much from her and her amazing assistant Barclay! I feel so confident in my training and Im so excited to get started.

Samantha Johnson


Get the E-Book & Find Out!

SMP taining, stretch mark and scar tattoo training


Map to Becoming a Camouflage Tattoo Artist

Interested in learning the art of camouflage tattooing? Thinking of changing careers, but need more info? I’m way ahead of you. This is the business black book that will give you everything you need to know, including:

  • A roadmap on how to get certified in camouflage tattooing
  • The many different camouflage niches you can jump into
  • The 5 things I wish I had known before I invested into my first trainer (so you don’t make the same mistakes!)
  • Rules, regulations, and risks involved in what we do as tattooists
  • What a typical workday looks like behind the scenes
  • Initial start-up costs, including what tattoo pens to buy, etc.
  • And so much more!
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