S1E3: I Asked 11 Strangers to Buy Me Lunch

Find out what happened and why I recommend you try it. This episode is about pushing past your comfort zones.

The Key Messages

Everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone and we are confronted with uncertainty and fear. what others will think of them or say about them or whether or not their endeavor will be a success or a failure.

I started in personal development programs for 10 years. I started in pers dev journey. In the beginning, was to help get me past a tumultuous childhood (more in another episode).

Lately, I invested in the program by Jim Fortin, a transformational coach on hypnotherapy and holds a transformational program twice a year. His program was on comfort zones and really nailed it when he said, everything that we truly, truly want is on the other side of the comfort zone.

He gave a list of challenges of “uncomfortability,” and towards the bottom of the list was to ask strangers to buy you lunch without telling them any reason why.

I am a serial entrepreneur so risk-taking is something I am comfortable with but asking people for money. So I thought I’d push myself to do it YOLO (you only live once) in an outside retail mall, and the first one I got immediately shut down. I asked a total of 11 strangers total and all 11 said no.

Listen to the podcast as to how it ended  – and how I got like an affirmation from the universe!

The lesson learned is rejection is not the end of the world. So many people are so afraid of rejection as I continually got rejected it got easier to hear that no. The first rejection was uncomfortable but easier to let go of after the next ones.

Your mind chatter is a circus, and you can have so much more power over your mind chatter. The challenge was a success in terms of pushing past your comfort zone.

Security is an illusion. We are never guaranteed results, success or anything but taking the action is the gift. Handling rejection with grace is in itself a success. The universe always provides for action takers. Taking the risk is worth the potential rewards.

With that challenge, I realized I have so much power towards my mind chatter. I can take rejection with so much power and fear in itself stops you from succeeding in business.

Are you a person who stays in your comfort zone? Rejection is not going to kill you and will make you stronger.

Any time you start the business you have the choice to dwell on everything that could go wrong or be optimistic and do it.

Another lesson is whatever strangers think of me will not do any good what a lot of wasted time. Focus on your life, do what you love because you love doing it.

I highly, highly recommend this challenge to you and would love to hear about it.

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