Paramedical Tattoo Artist
Jayd Hernandez


Paramedical Tattoo Artist

Welcome to Studio Conceal, where artistic expertise meets compassionate transformation. Meet Jayd Hernandez, the driving force behind Studio Conceal, located in the heart of Gilbert, AZ. Having been in the industry for 6+ years, she is a seasoned paramedical tattoo artist and educator with a passion for helping clients rediscover confidence in their own skin.

Nipple Tattooist Extraordinaire

One of Jayd’s specialties is nipple tattooing, a delicate art that goes beyond aesthetics. As a skilled nipple tattooist, she brings a blend of artistry and empathy to her work, helping breast cancer survivors and individuals who have undergone mastectomies regain a sense of wholeness. Featured in Allure Magazine and recognized by the American Academy of Micropigmentation, Jayd Hernandez stands as a dedicated advocate for those seeking transformative solutions.

Scar Tattoo Artist: Unveiling Inner Beauty

Jayd’s talents extend to scar camouflage, where she skillfully conceals stretch marks, scars, and hair loss with permanent ink. Her six years of experience as an SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) Artist and over a hundred successful transformations showcase her commitment to the craft. Not just a practitioner, Jayd is a perpetual learner, consistently exploring new techniques, inks, and color theories to stay at the forefront of this evolving industry.

Personal Connection with Every Client

What sets Jayd apart is her commitment to creating a personal connection with each client. Her journey as a serial entrepreneur and her visual acuity contribute to a unique approach that goes beyond the technical aspects of tattooing. Whether turning her phone off to spend quality time with family, curating playlists for clients, or delving into personal development, Jayd Hernandez brings a holistic touch to paramedical tattoo artistry.

More than tattooing, this is about feeling confidently free.

Current Muses: Turning my phone off to spend quality time with my family, creating sexy, moody playlists on Spotify for clients and friends to enjoy, diving deep into personal development, reading, traveling and boudoir photography.

Gilbert SMP Artist with Steady Micropigmentation
Featured in Allure Magazine, FabAZ, Voyage Phoenix Magazine, Queen Creek Sun Times, Shoutout Arizona
Seen on Good Morning AZ Channel 3 News
heA.R.T Areola Artist for Stacie-Rae
Member of American Academy of Micropigmentation

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