What it’s really like getting a stretch mark camouflage tattoo?

Arrem Yanez made a visit to Studio Skalp to help cover up and blend in her stretch marks on her buttocks that formed and stretched after her last pregnancy. Being a fashion model and beauty blogger who’s constantly in front of the camera in swimsuits and outfits, Arrem has always wanted to remove her stretch marks. Like many others, she bought expensive creams and lotions but was always unsatisfied with her results and lack of improvement. She started researching lasers and stumbled upon the stretch mark camouflage tattoo, which led her to me.

We spent the afternoon custom blending a color pigment that matched her natural skin tone perfectly. Once that was complete, we began the non-invasive treatment where I deposited permanent ink into her white stretch marks to help fill them in.

The result is similar to applying foundation or cover-up, except this is permanent.

Arrem documented her entire session on her Youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe as she shares the healing process for the next 60 days.

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