What is the single best anti-shine lotion available? (You’ll be surprised)

Apparently, Hollywood makeup artists in Los Angeles discovered by accident that Milk of Magnesia, the laxative/antacid agent, reduces shine instantly. It’s the single best lotion for creating that matte appearance and is much cheaper than other popular anti-shine products currently on the market.

Two other products that SMP clients also rate highly are L’Oreal Pure and Matte Gel for Men and Headlube Matte lotion by Headblade. Both are available online and at major drugstore chains.

If you do decide to use Milk of Magnesia, apply it like lotion onto the scalp with your hands. You’ll have to experiment with how much of it you’ll need based on how your scalp and skin react to it.

Comment below and let us know how it works, or if you have other product suggestions!


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