2nd Week Update – Stretch Mark Camouflage Healing Process

Arrem Yanez updates us on how she’s healing from her stretch mark camouflage procedure. Your stretch mark tattoo will take 60 days to fully heal. During that process, the stretch marks will change to a variety of colors. They’ll turn dark brown, purple and pink before the intended color reveals itself. This process can seem scary as the depth in color actually makes them look more prominent (the opposite of what you’re looking for!), but don’t worry! In the next few weeks, Arrem will see that her stretch marks are going to lighten up and virtually disappear. I always like to remind my clients that they’ve been dealing with their stretch marks for years, whereas I’ve only been working on them for a few hours. With a little time and patience, their stretch marks will dramatically improve. Please follow Arrem Yanez’s YouTube channel as she continues to document the entire healing process from start to finish!

And always, consultations are free.

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