Male Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo – 60 Days Transformation

Happy holidays!

Can I just say that I love this client?! First off, he was my first male stretch mark client (yes, men get stretch marks too) and just had the coolest vibe to him. He flew in from Austin, Texas to get an arm scar camouflaged, behind the knees/calf area and two tiny scars on the front of his knees. These pictures were taken after 60 days. He was definitely prone to hyperpigmentation, which we discussed during his consultation, but I was so happy to see that he actually was ready to come in for another session after 60 days – instead of waiting longer to heal.

I ended up touching up his arm (thicker scar tissue that just didn’t take much ink from our first session), front of his knees, and a few strands of stretch marks on his calves.

Overall, I think you can definitely see an improvement in appearance even before his touch up! He’ll most likely take another 60 days to heal but will definitely be camouflaged just in time for spring, summer and shorts again.

Speaking of which, if you’re seriously considering getting your stretch marks camouflaged – this is the time to do it so you can be healed in time for spring and summer.

before and after stretch mark tattoos behind knees
Top: Before, Middle: Immediately after (swelling subsides in 48 hours), Bottom: After

Questions, comments? Please let me know. Happy to answer away 🙂

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