Everything You Need to Know About Saline Tattoo Removal

If you’re reading this, you probably have something along the lines of a small tattoo you got with your bestie on a night out or some type of microblading procedure that you outgrew and want to remove. Am I close?

If that’s the case, do not despair! Up until recently, the most widespread technique for removing tattoos and permanent make up was laser tattoo removal. However, in recent years a new method has won over the hearts of clients and tattoo artists alike due to its myriad of benefits over the more traditional techniques.

It’s called Saline Tattoo Removal!

Saline tattoo removal is a relatively new procedure that serves as a natural alternative to the well-known laser removal technique.

eyebrow tattoo removal before and after

What Is Saline Tattoo Removal?

Saline tattoo removal is a process by which we penetrate the skin with a saline solution (salt + purified water) to break up the tattoo pigment and pull it out of the skin. The procedure is similar to tattooing or microblading but instead of injecting ink underneath the skin, we’re doing the reverse, which is pulling it out. 

Here at Studio Conceal we use LI-FT. LI-FT is currently the most effective and safest saline solution out there. We want our clients to have the best results possible, which is why we only use the highest quality ingredients and techniques. LI-FT is mainly made up of purified water, salt, lemon and orange seed extracts and so is very safe for your skin. 

How Does it Work?

  1. First, we use a numbing cream to help minimize any pain.

  2. We then sterilize the area.

  3. Using something similar to a tattoo gun, we penetrate the skin where the tattoo is and implant the saline solution into your skin.

  4. The solution then does its magic by breaking up the pigment and pulling it out to the outer surface of the skin through a process called osmosis.

  5. The extracted pigment heals into a scab and once it falls off you will find your tattoo being noticeably lighter.

  6. The healing process takes about 8-10 weeks depending on how fast your skin heals. More than one session might be required but only once the skin has completely healed.

Is Saline Tattoo Removal Better Than Laser?

  1. Depending on the quality of the ink that was used, it might be a lot safer to use the saline removal technique. The reason? With the saline removal procedure, the ink is pulled out of the skin into a scar that falls off vs with laser where the ink is absorbed by the body. Not to mention the fact that with saline removal, we’re working with saline aka salt and water, which is very safe by nature.

  2. Depending on the color of your tattoo (especially if there’s white ink in it) the saline solution might be more effective. Why? Well because laser removal works with certain wavelengths of light, which must be matched up to the color of the tattoo so that they can be removed. If the laser doesn’t have that particular hue, it might be hard to remove the tattoo. This is always the case for white ink since it reflects all colors and lasers can’t identify or remove it.

  3. Laser sessions can be significantly more expensive than saline removal with prices starting upwards at $500 per session vs. $150-$250 per saline tattoo removal session.

  4. For people with darker or sensitive skin, this is a great alternative because we can prevent scarring from occurring.

Am I A Good Candidate?


— You have small tattoos (no bigger than a deck of cards) or microblading/permanent make up (eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, etc).

— You don’t have any severe skin or health conditions that may prolong healing.



— You have large tattoos (laser may be more suitable for you)

— Your skin is prone to keloid scars

— You’re diabetic

What Does Aftercare Look Like?

  1. Once the procedure is completed it is best to let the wound dry heal.

  2. However, if you work at high-risk facilities such as gyms, schools, and hospitals please make sure to cover the wound to avoid any infections.

  3. It is imperative that you do NOT pull off the scab. Please let it fall off naturally otherwise it might not heal properly, or be done with the osmosis process of lifting the ink

  4. Oftentimes the wound might present some lymph fluid drainage. In that case, just blot the area with a clean paper towel but make sure not to rub!

  5. Also, make sure not to use any cosmetic products or makeup on the wound as it will delay healing and might even infect the area.

  6. Lastly, make sure not to wet the wound in the shower. The area must be left dry for best results.

  7. After the scab falls off, you may use vitamin E oil (just 2 or 3 drops) to re-hydrate the skin.

Hope you found this article helpful!

At Studio Conceal we want to make sure you feel at ease before undergoing any of our procedures! Our goal is to leave you feeling confident and happy with your body and satisfied with the results.

For any further questions regarding the procedure please book a free consultation with Jayd.

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