Stretch Mark and Scar Tattoos: See Our Results

before stretchmark camouflage tattoo after stretchmark camouflage tattoo

Over the years, I have had happy clients who, before consulting with me, searched for years to hide their scars and stretch marks.  Look at these before and after stretch mark and scar tattoo images, and you just might consider it.

before and after stretch mark tattoo

Some of my clients have even tried laser and microneedling. While this type of treatment can help certain scars and stretch marks, there are cases that neither can solve.

For one thing, lasers and microneedling are good for deeper and rugged scars. Both procedures can smooth out the texture, but the lesions will still be obvious and the discoloration of these lesions will remain.

Can you cover up scars with tattoos? When can I tattoo over a scar?

Generally, you can cover up most scars and stretch marks with tattoos, the important conditions are that the scar or stretch mark is completely healed, at least 2 years old and lighter than your skin tone.

After one session of scar tattoo

After one session of scar tattoo

How does the tattooing process work?

The stretch mark and scar tattoo process requires a customized mixture of pigments that closely match your skin tone. This special blend is applied over your scar/stretch mark using specialized needles.

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 9.20.38 AM.png

How many sessions do I need?

Tattoo sessions vary in length and number, depending on the positioning and severity of the area requiring treatment. However, most cases only require one follow up touch-up session 8-weeks after the initial treatment.

Do tattoos on scars hurt?

stretch mark tattoo.jpg

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most painful, most will report a pain index between 5-7. No numbing cream is applied because it can interfere with the application of the pigments into the scar tissue.

Can you tattoo over white scars?

arizona scar revision.jpg

Yes as long as the scar tissue is at least 2 years old and completely healed. In fact, white scars are great candidates for the camouflage tattoo, not pink nor red. A camouflage tattoo artist can best determine if your scar or stretch mark is a good candidate.

Check out more before and after stretch mark tattoos:

stretch mark removal in arizona

Can you tattoo over stitches?

Yes, it is possible but the stitch must be completely healed. The ink goes to the second layer of the skin, so if the stitch is just new,  or less than 2 years, it might impact the outcome of the tattoo.

Stretch Mark and Scar Tattoos: A Step to Flawlessness 

Ready to show more skin? Get your confidence back! The trend has been more and more about being natural and wearing your skin. With stretch mark and scar tattoos, you can freely wear your skin without the need for daily coverup with makeup. Nor do you have to go through expensive laser treatments. Read our other FAQs for more information or book a free consultation today!

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