Butt Stretch Mark Tattoo Cover Up

The client first noticed her stretch marks in her early teens. Puberty struck and she grew rapidly, resulting in gaining stretch marks on her buttocks. At that age, it was really easy for her to compare herself to her friends, which affected her self-esteem. Even now as an adult, it’s the one thing that really bothers her, especially during the summer when she wants to go swimming.

This was a unique case in that her stretch marks weren’t noticeably defined like the majority of my clients, but I can tell you the weight or burden of having them was just as heavy as all my clients. Because her stretch marks weren’t defined lines, I really had to focus on blending in the ink in a very natural way. Almost like a brushing effect, rather than filling in white lines to avoid a harsh, pronounced look.

These are her “before” photos:

These were taken immediately after her session. The redness and swelling goes away in 1-3 days…

Results after just one session of the stretch mark camouflage tattoo below:

The ink color matched her perfectly and she was very happy with the results! Interested in learning more? See if you’re a candidate here! And as always, consultations are free!

Client Stats:
Stretch Marks from early teen growth spurt

XO – Jayd

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