Stomach Stretch Mark Tattoo Cover Up

The first thing you notice about Tracey Vlahos is her high-energy vibe. She’s a passionate advocate for women, especially female business owners and is also the Chief Operator of Sales for a new beauty company called Everra.

Tracey got her stretch marks after pregnancy and even though she’s not ashamed of them, they do “drive her crazy,” at times. She opted to be a model for a student training I was hosting and just came back in for her touch up session.

Tracey is also a board-certified Nutritionist and swears the reason why she healed so quickly (literally in a matter of just a couple of weeks) was because she stays away from inflammatory foods. I wrote a recent blog post about it here. It’s amazing how much influence food has on our bodies!

Though she healed quickly, I still wanted to wait at least 30 days before touching her up just to be sure the ink was fully settled in her skin.

Here’s what her stretch marks looked like before the camouflage tattoo:

Stretch marks from pregnancy

Stretch marks from pregnancy

And here’s what we were able to accomplish in just one session! I’m loving these results!

Much more blended in and not as noticeable :)

Much more blended in and not as noticeable 🙂

What do you think? I’d love to know!

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