Arms and Butt Stretch Mark Tattoo Cover Up

Client flew in from Washington DC last week for a minor touch-up. Woman in her mid 30’s, Asian descent who got stretch marks from a growth spurt. It took her about 6 months to heal. One of my longer, more rare cases but definitely worth it, or as she said “best decision I’ve made!”

I’ve shared in past blogs that when you’re dealing with scars, anything can happen. I do my best to educate clients on hyperpigmentation and correct post-care guidelines that can help speed up the wound healing phase – but even then, sometimes scars and stretch marks are just finicky. For this particular client, she did hyperpigment. She also had a skin rash when I first tattooed her due to stress from work. Her skin, I’m assuming, was going through a lot of transitions, which may have resulted in her taking longer to heal.

Once she completely healed, I gave her the green light to come in for a touch up. Once she arrived, I could tell she was ecstatic with the results! Having her stretch marks camouflaged has literally made her forget she even has them. She feels more confident in being intimate with her boyfriend, and over all, feels so much more free! I’d say the life-changing results were definitely worth the wait!

Here are the before/afters…

Here’s a video taken after just one session – you can’t even see her stretch marks!



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