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After a surgical tummy tuck procedure, especially if you want to flaunt your belly and wear a bikini, but can’t because of a tummy tuck scar, the only thing you are thinking of is how to hide them.  A  common solution is to consider covering up tummy tuck surgical scars with fancy belly tattoos, but there is a better option! It’s called a scar camouflage tattoo that infuses skin-toned ink to cover up tummy tuck scars.

You probably got a tummy tuck to look and feel more confident, but oftentimes, the scar left behind by plastic surgery can leave you feeling unconfident. While there are many options to get a tattoo design to cover up your scar, a simpler solution is a tattoo cover-up that matches your skin tone. 

What to Do with a Tummy Tuck Scar

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After a surgical tummy tuck procedure, you’re probably eager to cover your scar with fresh ink to hide it. Although surgeons take care to minimize the tummy tuck scar, positioning it typically just above the pubic region, sometimes a scar is left too obvious to hide.  

Artsy tattoos may seem okay for now, but here are some reasons why a simple skin-tone coverup tattoo is best.

Reasons for a Skin Tone Tummy Tuck Camouflage Tattoo

1. Artsy tattoos age with your skin – and may not be conducive to your lifestyle down the road.

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Your artsy design may look good for now but there are tons of horror stories about aged tattoos.

Remember that the skin is the largest organ and the one most exposed to elements, so as your skin ages, so will your “artfully” designed tattoo that may not fit your future lifestyle.

2. You may regret your tummy tuck artwork tattoo.

You may like your tummy tuck art design now, but will you still love it 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now? 

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This brings us to the third reason:

3. Tattoos are not that easy to remove if you have a change of mind.

Bethany Cirlin, a tattoo removal specialist says it takes a minimum of 2 1/2 years to completely remove a tattoo, and yes, by laser.

Furthermore, laser tattoo removal is not always successful as laser removal can actually cause further scarring.

scar with laser tattoo removal

Scarring from Laser Tattoo Removal: Wikimedia

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Laser Tattoo Removal Wikimedia

4. Regretting an artsy tattoo is costly.

It costs about $500 per session to have a tattoo removed should you change your mind or regret it later.

So what is my best option to cover a tummy tuck scar?

With all these reasons in mind, your best option to cover up your tummy scar is with a tattoo that matches your skin color.

What is a tummy tuck tattoo camouflage?

Like a Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo which helps conceal and lessen the appearance of stretch marks so that the human eye can’t recognize them, a tummy tuck tattoo camouflage does the same thing.  Your tummy tuck scars will have a permanent filter, and though it’s there, it is unrecognizable.  

tummy scar tattoo

I combine the ink that matches your body’s tone so that you won’t even see the difference from it anymore.

Does this treatment remove tummy tuck scars?

The tummy tuck scar tattoo will not remove it but rather conceal it by using the same color that matches the surrounding skin tone inside your “white” tummy tuck scar. This way your scar becomes less visible.

Generally, a tummy tuck scar is a scar that needs tattooing.  It is the permanent solution you’ve been looking for for your scar.  So, the process is to apply skin-color ink to the spot through tattooing.  The goal is to blend it in and make it look less noticeable.

Why choose a tummy tuck tattoo camouflage?

A tummy tuck scar tattoo camouflage ensures your scar will disappear from everyone’s view, but it is also more appealing to cover the marks of a tummy tuck, leaving no sign that it exists.

Your tummy tuck scar will be less visible.

Like what I’ve said about scar camouflaging, tummy tuck scar tattoo camouflage will make your scar disappear from the naked eye.  

I will blend a special ink that matches your body color, and its appearance is like your natural skin tone.  This may sound easy, but only a professional tattoo artist can do this.

It’s more than injecting ink into a needle inserted into the scar tissue.  I custom blend ink and color match to give you the most natural results.

Can you cover a tummy tuck scar with a tattoo?

A tummy tuck scar tattoo camouflage is suitable for the following:

  1.  Your tummy tuck surgery is at least two years old;
  2.  It doesn’t show any kind of redness;
  3.  It is not sunken; and
  4. It is more pale or white compared to the skin surrounding it.

Camouflage Tattoo for Your Tummy Tuck Procedure Takes an Hour or Less

Each camouflage session is for an hour or less, depending on the size of the camouflage tattoo.  Take note that you may need to come back to the studio for a touch-up session to blend the scar even more.

Does a tummy tuck tattoo hurt?

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most painful, most clients rate the pain between 5-6. No numbing cream is applied so that it does not interfere with the absorption of the ink pigment. It can hurt a bit more than a regular tattoo because this is a tattoo on compromised skin.

It’s easy to prepare for the procedure

The following steps are pretty easy once you are sure you want to cover your scar tissue with tummy tuck tattoo ideas.

Before saying yes to a procedure, your complexion must be at its normal appearance.  No tanning whatsoever. Why? So we can discern how best to blend inks to match your natural skin tone for the most natural results.

Easier aftercare procedure

After the session, make sure you limit your sun exposure.  Although a camouflage tattoo lasts longer, it also suffers from the harmful effects of the sun. You wouldn’t want the tattoo’s color to fade quicker.

The Answers To Your Questions

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How long after a tummy tuck can I get a tummy tuck tattoo?

It is recommended to take the procedure at least two years after your surgery.  In this time frame, the scars will have completely healed. When it has healed fully, you won’t have the risk of infection, and you are ready to begin planning your tattoo camouflage.

If you get a tummy tuck tattoo cover-up too soon, the shape may be distorted as the stomach swelling subsides and contracts.  The extent of the swelling may be due to the extent of the procedure.

Does a tummy tuck tattoo hurt?

According to our clients, the pain they felt was a 4-5 out of 10.  We will take care of you during the complete procedure, ensuring your complete safety and comfort.

Once I decide to get a scar camouflage tattoo, what is the next step?

The next step is to book a free virtual consultation with me.  I will carefully analyze if your tummy tuck scar has completed its healing process.  When your tummy tuck is completely healed, the next thing to determine is if you can benefit from camouflage tattooing.

What will happen during the procedure?

The tattoo technician will use an electronic device that stimulates the skin’s natural healing process. Multiple pigment blends are injected into the skin to create a tonal variance of your natural color. 

How long will the tummy tuck tattoo last?

Typically, a tummy tuck tattoo camouflaging may last 5-6 years. So, the skin from a tummy tuck is trickier to penetrate.  But until then, you may flaunt your stomach and wear anything that will reveal it. 

How much does a  tummy tuck scar tattoo cost?

The total cost of the tummy tuck tattoo camouflage varies significantly per technician and is dependent on the location and severity of the stretch marks or scar requiring treatment. Studio Conceal charges anywhere between $500-$2,000 per area. 

We require an initial consultation (in-person or virtual) free of charge with zero pressure, during which a formal quote can determine the final cost of the tattoo.

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Think before you ink

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Be careful in saying yes to a tattoo.  You have to make sure to contact your doctor first to consult about your scar and get a piece of reliable advice.  Then once your doctor says your scar is mature enough, we can begin tattoo camouflaging your stomach.

The first consultation (in person or virtual) is free. We will make assessments about your scar.  

Remember, the only authorized person to practice tattoo camouflaging is a professional tattoo artist.

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