How to Close High Ticket Sales

Your Business Needs a Sales Script: Jayd Hernandez Freedom Lifestyle

Jayd's a Camouflage Tattoo Artist with a 60% close rate.Learn to build a customer journey and lead funnel for your business that starts with social media and ends with a sales call. Jayd Hernandez is an Arizona based entrepreneur who conceals stretch marks and scars with permanent ink and offers this as a high ticket service. She needs to instil trust and position herself as an expert online to people she's never met by creating value first.  You're going to want to take notes!Takeaways:the types of content you can create to position yourself as an expertyour social media content mix: each post should check 1 of 3 boxesstep by step process for implementing a sales script for your sales callswhat the most successful entrepreneurs have in commonGet 90 minutes of free audio and video transcription (Descript)About the show:Sam Laliberte –  entrepreneur, digital nomad and freedom seeker, hosts the Freedom Lifestyle Podcast to expose people to the many ways you can design your dream life and unlock your own version of the freedom lifestyle. Her guests have empowered themselves through flexible work as a way to “have it all” – financial, location AND schedule freedom.Join our free online community of Freedom Seekers on Facebook. 

Key Takeaways

As a Scar/Stretchmark Camouflage/SMP and 3D Areola Tattoo Artist, my close rate went from 10% to 60% with professional sales training especially for high-ticket sales through a professional sales script from a sales coach.

Branding is nurturing to close high ticket sales.

Commit to putting yourself out there to make you 10 steps ahead of competitors.

With social media, it is so much easier to promote yourself.

It as a numbers game, get as many leads as possible for a higher chance to close leads.

Do not take it personally, it is all about volume. People are afraid of rejection and are thus afraid to put themselves out there.

Marketing strategy: how to close high ticket sales

Nurture your leads by creating content to warm up leads

Creating content in three phases:

  1. Entertaining content beautiful images, entertain, humor
  2. Educating (telling them what you do) position yourself as an expert (Frequently Asked Questions and tackling them in your content – videos)
  3. Content that helps them execute and book a consultation

So that by the time they book, they are already a warm lead

I enrolled in a webinar of a sales coach and started implementing a sales script where I:

  • Take the lead and control in the calls
  • Start with really easy calls in the beginning since they are more guarded. So I asked them: how did you hear about me, how did you find me, how old are your scars, etc
  • I proceed with the emotional questions: What bothers you most about your scars, pain points, what are you most frustrated in, what are your most struggling about
  • I next ask what have you done in the past to fix the problem? Did you notice any success or improvement (vent out all their frustrations with their problem)
  • I then ask: what are your expectations with (what you offer) what was the situation in the past and how does the client envision in the future with what service you can provide? Why is this important to the client?
  • Out of all the times to reach out, why now?

An important observation among successful entrepreneurs: be decisive. Everyone who runs a successful business makes decisions, pivots and improvises as compared to those who get stuck with indecisions.

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