Self-Harm Scar Revision with Tattoo Ink

We all carry scars from the past…some of us just carry them more outwardly than others. This was my first self-harm scar camouflage tattoo and I think it turned out great. Client came to me to “help put this chapter behind him,” since years have passed since his last cut.

Growing up, he dealt with some major anxiety and depression. His Mom was constantly under poor health conditions (even had death scares), and he was supporting his family financially, mentally, and emotionally. Long story short, he was under immense pressure as a young teen and found solace and comfort in self-harming himself.

I had asked him what helped him change and gain a new perspective on life? Seeing his Mom battle so hard for her life and getting healthy served as a major reframe for him. His family also moved to Arizona and things began to get better. He found humor, instead of sadness and met some great friends at work.

Client Gets His Self-harm Scar Tattoo


Like most people who deal with depression, he still gets depressed, but he’s able to deal with it much better than when he was younger. I absolutely loved working on him. Such a bright soul and it inspired me to help more people conceal their self-harm scars from the past.

Here’s a snapshot of “before” his treatment, to “immediately after” where you can see the scar swelled and red, to “after.” He came in for one touch-up where I muted his rosey undertones. Everyone heals a little differently and I’m certain his last touch up will be the icing on the cake.

If you or if you know anyone who’d like to camouflage their self-harm scar, please forward and share this post about scar tattoo with them. Thank you.

tattoos over self harm scars pictures
Self-harm tattoo coverup before and after pictures. Took him 30 days to heal.

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