Scoliosis Surgery Scar Tattoo: Be Confident Again

Each year there are an estimated three million new scoliosis cases in the United States and those who can afford surgery are opting for it. After undergoing scoliosis surgery, you may be considering options to conceal and cover your scar once you’re healed.

Good thing you came across the idea of a scoliosis surgery scar tattoo. Will this help you be more confident and start wearing those backless clothes? Or perhaps hitting the beach in a bikini you have wanted to flaunt? The answer is a resounding, Yes and Yes!

What Happens in Scoliosis Surgery?

Small pieces of bone will be placed on the bones in your back, where the curve is.  These pieces and the back bones will grow or fuse together to form a solid backbone that will prevent the bone from getting worse.

Know More About Scoliosis Surgery Scar

A scoliosis surgery scar will eventually heal. The incision mark is relatively thin, but the healing process involves the scar becoming red and elevated after a few months.

A year after the surgery, it will mature and should be soft, white, and pliable. But the scar could be different for those prone to keloids.

The pictures which follow show the effects of scoliosis that may require surgery:

image from Wikimedia

Scar Tissue

After the surgery, it is normal to have scar tissue as it is part of the healing process.  It will naturally form at the site where you have been incised because your body produces collagen fibers to close the affected area, which means your wound is healing.

Scoliosis Surgery Scar Tattoo

If you are tired of hiding your scar behind clothes, it’s time to consider tattooing your scar with flesh toned pigment.  It can help minimize the appearance of your scar and hopefully, you’ll feel more comfortable wearing what you want, when you want.

A scoliosis tattoo will not only give you the confidence you need but will also make your scar less visible.

What to Expect from Scar Tattoos

Some Pain During the Tattoo Procedure

On a scale of 1-10 clients say it is about 6-7. We don’t use any numbing creams during your session to avoid disrupting or causing any barrier for the ink to be deposited in the scar tissue. Most surgical scars have had some nerve damage and are typically less sensitive to feel than normal, healthy skin.

With that being said, a scar in the back, especially near the spine, can be more sensitive than any other scar on the body.  The tissue from scars helps to give the skin cushion and protects the spine from the usual pain when it’s directly exposed to a needle.

More to Life After the Surgery

Well, they say there’s more to life than pain.  It is quite true for this journey.  The scar tattoo can help you become more confident in showing off your backside after surgery.

There are different ways of sporting a tattoo.  Some who are more ready to explore the world of tattoos show off colorful artistic tattoos.

On the other hand, some prefer to be all-natural and want skin tone camouflage tattoos.  The scars will seem nonexistent if it is flat in texture and have the power to mimic natural skin – hardly no one will notice!

Can you cover scar tissue with a skin-colored tattoo?

Yes, it is possible! However, there are several different things to consider to determine if it is the best option to mask the scar tissue. Different textures of scars may or may not need treatments to address and smooth out the surface before we add ink for the most natural, camouflaged results.

  • Wait for your scar to fully heal, at least one years old;
  • It does not show any redness;
  • It is not raised; and
  • It is more pale/white than the skin surrounding it

Whom to ask if you are ready to be tattooed

After the surgery, you must ask your surgeon for their opinion.  A doctor can give the essential advice that could influence your future decisions, but after that signal, it is best to ask or assess yourself if you will be ready to search for the best options.

Different people also have different ways of coping with the post-surgery marks or accepting their scoliosis fully.  Others hide, and others put them on display.

Now, there is a trend of people who have scoliosis tattooing to embrace their uniqueness fully.  Examples are those embracing what they have through tattoos that show off their personality.  

Some choose to modify their situation in life by wearing camouflage tattoos that hide what they have been through.  And some still choose to wear clothes that do not highlight their backbones.

sco;iosis surgery scar tattoo
Image  from Wikimedia

Where to go for the best scar tattoo?

At Studio Conceal, you will be getting the best service you deserve. Feel confident and be comfortable in your skin. Schedule a consultation today – it is always free!

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