Postpartum Hair Loss Concealed with Permanent Ink

Most women experience hair loss after giving birth, cancer or have some sort of genetic alopecia and aren’t aware of solutions available to permanently densify thinning areas. Scalp micropigmentation, or “SMP” for short is a fast, permanent and effective solution that uses detailed micro-needles and ink to replicate tiny hair follicles onto the scalp.

In essence, we take away the white glaring contrast of an empty scalp by filling it in with permanent ink so it looks like you’re rocking more hair. SMP is perfect for women who are already using fibers or powders to conceal their hair loss because this is a more permanent solution. You don’t have to worry about it moving or smearing due to the wind, sweat or weather changes.

Not a lot of people know, but I was first trained and certified in SMP before the stretch mark camouflage tattoo. To this day, it still remains my first love and entry point into the world of permanent cosmetics.

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