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What Sets Us Apart?

If you’re envisioning a transformation in your career, one that merges your passion for beauty or healthcare with the power to instill confidence and change lives, then you’re in the right place.

Our renowned Paramedical Tattoo Training Program is designed to empower individuals like you – driven by compassion, skill, and an unwavering commitment to making a real difference.

Why Choose Our Program?

  • Not a Crash Course: True mastery requires more than technical proficiency. That’s why our program spans an entire year, offering a holistic approach that goes beyond tattooing skills. We are committed to nurturing your growth, not just as an artist but as an entrepreneur.

  • Expert Guidance: Jayd Hernandez brings 6+ years of paramedical tattoo specialization with the largest online portfolio to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your success.

  • Life-Changing Impact: Embrace the opportunity to restore confidence and self-esteem for individuals who have undergone trauma, surgeries, or medical conditions. Witness the profound impact of your work on your clients’ lives.

  • Hands-On Experience: Dive deep into practical, real-world scenarios. Gain invaluable experience by working directly on clients within 5 days of your training.

Why Act Now?

The world of paramedical tattooing is evolving rapidly, and the demand for skilled professionals is soaring. Seize this chance to stand out in your industry, unlock new revenue streams, and forge a deeply fulfilling career path.

Ready to Embrace the Future of Beauty and Healthcare?

This isn’t just a training program; it’s a transformative experience designed to empower you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in both artistry and business.

Discover the difference a year can make. Apply today to embark on this enriching journey towards becoming a skilled paramedical tattoo artist and a successful entrepreneur.

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  • 5 Day Beginner Mentorship for New Artists $8000
  • Includes Starter Kit – wireless tattoo pen, boxes of shading needles for both scar and stretch mark camouflage, camouflage tattoo inks and modifiers, dilution, ink caps, ink mixer and stirrers, grip tape, clip cord sleeves and ink wands
  • Includes Detailed Training Manual covering topics: color theory, overtones and undertones, how to custom blend inks and match skin tones, “inkless” camouflage options to treat the skin, legal consent forms, pre-care and post-care instructions, supply list, tattoo shading techniques for both scars and stretch marks, price rate sheet, marketing and sales
  • Includes Jayd’s Custom Color Swatches and secret to matching clients’ skin tones

  • Includes 12-Month Mentorship with monthly coaching calls with Jayd on how to get visible, get clients and get sales to grow the business side of your paramedical tattoo brand
  • Hands-On-Training includes using a variety of camouflage shading techniques while working on live models

  • Learn Expert Tips & Tricks that took me years to figure out based on healed results that will accelerate the quality of your work amongst other artists

  • Observation Notes written by me as encouragement and reminders of what to keep practice after completing your education, and that are personalized for your growth
  • Certification of Completion of the Studio Conceal Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflage Technique
  • 3 Day Advanced Training for Experienced PMU Artists $5500 (Two-year machine experience using magnum needles. We will be checking portfolio to confirm if you meet advanced requirements)
  • Nightly Homework Assignments to get you familiar with learning skin tones, using your tattoo pen and building your portfolio
  • 50+ Hours of Training to set you up for success, feeling 110% confident in your new skills as a Camouflage Tattoo Artist
  • Creative Content (photos and videos) captured to help jumpstart your career and lead prospecting


Our training process is limited and selective, requiring all students to apply. Once we review your application, we will be calling you for a phone interview to see that we're a fit to ensure this will be a long-lasting mentorship that's fulfilling for both parties.

Requirements to Participate:

1) Completed Bloodborne Pathogen

2) Research your State’s tattooing licensing laws (we’ve created a free guide to help you start the process)

3) Deposit of $2500 is required to secure and hold your upcoming training dates and applies towards your final balance. Balance to be paid in full on the first day of training.

Everyone comes from different backgrounds (whether you’re new to the beauty industry or an experienced tattoo artist) so the one-on-one attention allows me the flexibility to tailor each training to best serve the individuals. I ask that you be flexible, open to learning and evolving as this new procedure continues to grow in the continuing years.

Paramedical Tattoo Training

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Google reviews

Kirstin Aurora
Kirstin Aurora
Jayd and her team were absolutely amazing. The studio space, the support, the tools…every single part of the training was the best quality. Jayd is an amazing instructor and I feel confident with my new skills to start on my own.
Pious Vintage
Pious Vintage
I found Jayd on Instagram searching for camouflage tattoo training for scars and stretch marks. After researching other artists I knew she was the instructor I was looking for. I flew in from Arkansas and she made the process so easy. She is by far one of the most thorough and genuinely caring instructors I have ever had. She covered every area of scar and stretch mark tattooing, color selection, marketing and so many things I didn’t even expect to receive. There are many instructors out there just trying to make money and don’t really care about the content. I feel like she has taken all of her own professional experiences with tattooing and training and gives you the best! I highly recommend Studio Conceal. Her employees are one of a kind, excellent! I’ve never felt so welcome and taken care of. Thanks Jayd! -Lucinda P
Kimberly Kukla
Kimberly Kukla
I couldn’t have asked for a more professional experience from Jayd and Jess! I went in for areola tattooing with my mom ( who had it done as well). They were both so open to any changes and any concerns we wanted to make from our previous consultation a few weeks before and open to offering any suggestions from their professional standpoint. The studio is immaculately clean and very tidy. I honestly don’t have words to describe the experience other than it’s something I’ll never forget and getting to do it with my mom was even more special . Jayd and Jess , you both are the most beautiful women I think I’ve ever met inside and out and I adore you both and will forever be so grateful for the “ completion “ of my journey through all of this. I can’t thank you both enough for everything ! And Jayd your talent is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and you’re so magical with your work! I truly love you both and thank you from the bottom of my heart and my moms! Can’t wait for the TU appointment soon!! Love, Kimberly C.
Elizabeth Quezada
Elizabeth Quezada
Jayd & Jess went above and beyond to ensure i was getting the correct treatment to achieve my desired goal. Jess was very informative, patient, and honest with every step of my session. Truly made me feel cared for. They both have a genuine desire and passion you can feel to help others reach the results theyre looking for. And that was the best feeling for me. I traveled from out of town and they both made my consultation and session smoother than I could’ve imagined. 🤍 thank you so much ladies, looking forward to my results . Will 1000% recommend. Y’all are changing lives 🙏🏼
Anissa Jacob
Anissa Jacob
Jayd did an amazing job on my stretch mark camouflage. She deserves 10 stars. They were very welcoming, I felt like family. The studio is pristine and up to date with CDC guidelines for Covid 19. Jayd and her assistant, Jamison went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable during my procedure. The procedure was quick and painless. We even got in a few good laughs and she even gave me a gift bag. The candle she gave me smells better than Bath & body works. I am overall, incredibly impressed from the moment I walked in to the moment I left. I feel very blessed to have met her. Studio conceal is the best in AZ!!
Claudia Ofarrell
Claudia Ofarrell
Jayd is excellent.
Suzanne Coleman
Suzanne Coleman
Studio Conceal is filled with artists that want to bring joy back into peoples lives. Jayd is very empathetic and skilled in her work. She takes her time to understand the clients needs and wants and creates miracles that I can attest gave me back my confidence! Thank you Jayd for your huge heart, the card, the candle, the water, the robe all of it made me feel feel at home. Jamison her assistant is very caring checking up on me and very helpful in making me comfortable during the sessions. Thank you Jamison, you are a beautiful soul. Both are amazing for anyone looking for natural looking results! xo-Suzanne
Damena Hernandez
Damena Hernandez
Awesome learned so much. EVeryone was so friendly! So hands on loved loved ❤️
Andrea Chandler
Andrea Chandler
I took a class with jayd here in AZ and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had! She is so knowledgeable so kind and so helpful.
tatiana davila
tatiana davila
I have had the BEST experience with Jayd. She is filled with love and knowledge and i am eager to start my journey with all that i have learned. i will take a flight for Jayd and her team ANYYYYDAY❤️

Scar/Stretch Mark Tattoo and SMP training Reviews

Love my training? Please use this Camouflage Tattoo and SMP Training Review Form.

loved jayd and studio conceal!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 27, 2021

Jayd was an amazing instructor! She was very informative, detailed, kind, and genuine! Gave a ton of tips and tricks and made sure I fully understood each concept before moving on. Always made sure all my questions were answered and made me feel very comfortable!

Leandra Givens


Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 11, 2021

Stretch mark camouflage

Mona Young

Trained with the BEST!!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 20, 2021

I just completed the Brazilian camouflage course with instructor Jade Hernandez, and it was the absolute, best experience!

I am a licensed esthetician of over 15 years and am always looking to grow and expand… I learned about scar camouflage and did some research on education and certification. And hands down, Jade really stood out!

I was not dissapointed. Sooooo professional, clean, thorough, in- depth, intensive, but most of all fun!

Jade’s passion for her work really shines through!

Shes’s always looking to improve and refine her work, and love her mad scientist approach to producing the best quality of scar camouflage possible!

She does not hesitate to share her trade secrets and is so attentive to every detail of your education here.

It is evident her goal is to make sure you are completely prepared and confident to start your camouflage services before you leave with your certificate!

Her assistant Barclay is so amazing as well and they work so seamlessly together!

1000% happy with my experience here at Studio Conceal and feel so ready to implement this amazing service in my own studio!!!



Sweet Spot Hilo

Candida Magallanes

Training with Jayd

Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 19, 2021

I did a LOT researching for many months I finally chose Jayd as my camouflage teacher. Jayd was extremely sweet, professional, and very knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and really made me feel ready to go out and help people feel amazing again. Because Jayd I feel confident and ready to start camouflaging.If your planning to take a class on scars and stretch mark camouflaged Jayd is your girl.I was very impressed and really enjoyed the class.. so much information.

Yved Lopez

Camouflage training

Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 17, 2021

Jayd not only is an amazing artist, she’s a great teacher. This is not an easy thing to find. I have learned so much from her and her amazing assistant Barclay! I feel so confident in my training and Im so excited to get started.

Samantha Johnson


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SMP taining, stretch mark and scar tattoo training


Map to Becoming a Camouflage Tattoo Artist

Interested in learning the art of camouflage tattooing? Thinking of changing careers, but need more info? I’m way ahead of you. This is the business black book that will give you everything you need to know, including:

  • A roadmap on how to get certified in camouflage tattooing
  • The many different camouflage niches you can jump into
  • The 5 things I wish I had known before I invested into my first trainer (so you don’t make the same mistakes!)
  • Rules, regulations, and risks involved in what we do as tattooists
  • What a typical workday looks like behind the scenes
  • Initial start-up costs, including what tattoo pens to buy, etc.
  • And so much more!
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