From Accounting to Camouflage Tattooing, Meet Gincy from Invisimark

In this episode, I invited Gincy Jacob the Founder of Invisimark in New York. Her story is fascinating and inspiring, especially to think she’s been at this for only a year. 

Meet someone who is not only a Camouflage Tattooist, but also someone who started out as a client getting this service done on her own stretch marks.

Gincy’s favorite motivational and mindset links:

Think & Grow Rich Condensed Narration by  Early Nightingale
How to Shift your Paradigm by Bob Proctor
Why repetition is necessary by Bob Proctor
Don’t Allow Conditions and circumstances control you by Bob Proctor
How to Stop Negative Thinking By Bob Proctor
Subconscious Mind reprogramming by Bob Proctor

Learn more about Camouflage Tattoo Artist Jayd Hernandez. Connect via Instagram. Talk soon, and thanks for listening!

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