Final Update on Stretch Mark Cover Up with YouTuber, Arrem!

Hey guys!

So for those just joining this page, last year I teamed up with a local Influencer and YouTuber, Arrem Yanez to document her entire stretch mark camouflage procedure. Long story short, she experienced some hyperpigmentation, which made her healing process much slower than normal. Whereas it usually takes 45-60 days to heal, Arrem took months to heal. It wasn’t anything she did wrong, or even the color we picked like a lot of people assumed. Skin and scars are just tricky.

A lot of people don’t realize that stretch marks are scars, which means it’s compromised skin. There’s going to be variables that just happen that you can’t necessarily predict, but you can plan for. Arrem and I both knew going into the session together that hyperpigmentation could happen, we just didn’t know it would take this long to fully recover.

With that said, I’m super grateful she healed, and that she was a trooper. She was extremely patient and I know there were times when that wasn’t easy for her. I just tried to keep track of her, ask for updates and collaborated with dermatologists and estheticians to see if there were any creams or anything else we could do to help speed up the healing process.

If you’d like to check out her past vlogs, subscribe to Arrem’s channel here.

And as always, happy to answer any questions you may have. Enjoy! I hope you found this useful.

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