Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo on Buttocks

Ever get your nails done or a massage and just want to NOT talk? Like, it’s your time to just pamper, relax and unwind – and not tell your whole life story to someone?

I totally get it and often intuit and feel out my clients first, to see what they need during their time with me. Some love to chat and dive deep into relationship topics, Beyonce, faith, and more – and others prefer to sleep, relax, and keep to themselves.

This particular client was friendly, but private and actually slept through most of her tattooing session! I loved how relaxed she was and I was comfortable just letting her be.

A Mother of two kids, she got her stretch marks during pregnancy and wanted to get them concealed so she could wear what she wanted, when she wanted.

I think as Artists and Professionals, we owe it to our clients to be able to read them and their needs clearly.. I could tell my client wanted our time together to be spent more in silence and that’s totally okay.

I can relate to wanting to zone out and just be many times while getting my nails done, to be interrupted frequently because they wanted to keep the conversation going. So I could appreciate the space wanted between me and her, whereas I can see how uncomfortable the silence can make others.

Regardless, just know that it’s never personal when your clients don’t want to do much talking – it’s really not about you, but more about them wanting more (space, time, solitude, etc) for them.

Here’s her before and after photo! She was very happy with her results and did say that she cares less about wearing shorts to the gym now because she doesn’t even think about her stretch marks being noticeable at all! Yayyy! Music to my ears!

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