A Clients Journey: Breast Stretch Marks from Pregnancy

More than 50% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy, but no woman should feel like she has to hide them.

Brenda developed stretch marks on the tops of her breasts from the weight gained during her last pregnancy. She would avoid wearing low tops because she didn’t want to draw attention to her stretch marks. After a pretty bad break-up, she set out on a personal mission to re-focus on self-care and start making herself a priority again.

One of her goals was to camouflage tattoo her stretch marks to make them look less visible.

We were happy to assist Brenda on her self-love journey, but it was very unique in that she hyperpigmented after her first session.

Hyperpigmentation is most commonly caused by certain skin types that are rich in melanin (the pigment that gives us our skin color). While you can get these hyperpigmented spots from the sun, you can also get them when your skin is wounded. It’s a natural process of how our skin regenerates and protects us from sun exposure as we heal.

It’s hard to say who will hyperpigment, or not, but if you’re prone to it, it means your healing process will require more time and patience because we can’t take care of your touch-up session until the hyperpigmentation fades. Booking a consultation before your procedure can help determine if your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation, or not.

Brenda started with one session.

Brenda 2 weeks post procedureBrenda 2 weeks post procedure

These are Brenda’s stretch marks 2 weeks post procedure, They looked like this for quite awhile after her first session because it took her 7 months to completely heal.

We were expecting to do another session for Brenda, but we also had to wait for the hyperpigmentation to fade before re-tattooing her.

Once her hyperpigmentation went away, we quickly realized Brenda no longer needed another session because her first session did such an incredible job concealing her stretch marks.

Brenda before and after procedure

Brenda before and after procedure

Check out her transformation!

Brenda is able to wear low cut tops once more. See what she has to say about her Journey with Jayd.

Brenda's Review.png

Brenda’s story is a reminder that everyone is unique and heals differently.

Can you relate to Brenda’s stretch marks?

See if you’re a candidate for the stretch mark camouflage tattoo in 3 minutes or less:

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Client Stats

  • Mexican American
  • Mid 30’s
  • Stretch marks from pregnancy weight gain.

Disclaimer: These healing progress photos were taken by the participant and so the lighting may differ each time, which would account for any variations in skin tones.

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