4 Week Update – Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo Healing Process

Arrem Yanez uploads her 4-week update from her stretch mark camouflage treatment. She is at the halfway mark and needs 30 more days to fully heal. As you can see, they’re still a little dark and her scabbing has gone away. Some areas are lightening up and in the next few weeks, other areas will continue to lighten up.

Most clients at this stage do get a little impatient, and, or scared so I like to remind them that it’s totally normal. This process does require patience but will be well worth it. Arrem has been dealing with her stretch marks for 8+ years, whereas I’ve only worked on them for three hours.

Continue to check in with us as I update my blog with her progress and final results.

If the stretch mark camouflage tattoo is something you’ve been thinking about doing, or if you have any questions, please comment below. I’m always happy to answer and share this amazing solution for people struggling with their stretch marks and scars.

Thank you! – Jayd

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